7 Tips for Interactive Virtual Instruction – Free Infographic (reposted)

This blog post contains a free infographic with 7 instructional strategies that engage learners in any virtual (or, for that matter, in-person) class or training. Feel free to download and share this free infographic with others.

These 7 strategies are “content-independent,” meaning that they can be used with any virtual class topic, even detailed and content-heavy ones.

Below is the link to the free, PDF-formatted infographic. You can download, print, and share these tips with interested colleagues or with anyone you know who facilitates virtual/remote classes:

Wake ‘Em Up! 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning.

For the article by the same name, click HERE.

Another resource that expands on the ideas in the infographic is the following blog post:

When Everything is Suddenly Virtual by Jean-Paul Bayley and José Casal.

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