Blackout Bingo for Priming Learners – Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

(NOTE: This post was written and contributed by TBR Certified Trainer Jean-Paul Bayley): In this post, we’ll have a look at why and how to use Blackout Bingo to prime learners (that is, to get them ready) for new information to come.

Jean-Paul Bayley is a TBR Certified Trainer, Trainer Certification Course (TCC) Certifier, and TBR-VE™ Certifier. He resides in England and is a partner of Actineo Consulting LLP  –  a Business Agility Consultancy. His mission is to share how to create fun, engaging and memorable learning experiences. Jean-Paul is a regular contributor of blog posts on this website (see below) as well as on Actineo’s Blog.  Be sure to treat yourself to his interesting and informative posts:

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