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You Said It But Did They Get It? 3 Ways To Check For Understanding (reposted)

You just finished a customer service training for a small group of your company’s employees. They listened attentively the whole time your were talking. Now you stop and ask, “Do you understand?” They nod their heads. You continue, “Do you have any questions?” They shake their heads. “Good,” you think. “They’ve got it.”

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Blackout Bingo for Priming Learners – Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

(NOTE: This post was written and contributed by TBR Certified Trainer Jean-Paul Bayley): In this post, we’ll have a look at why and how to use Blackout Bingo to prime learners (that is, to get them ready) for new information to come.     Why Use Blackout Bingo? How do you prepare workshop participants for important information to come? A

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