Reposting the Free Infographics from the March 19th Webinar

My deepest thanks to those of you who attended my March 19th 2019 webinar “Six Brain-Science Principles that Trump Traditional Training, Teaching, and Presenting.” Here, I’m reposting the free infographics that I referred to during the webinar, as well as other free resources to explore, download, and share.

The sponsor of the webinar, InSyncTraining is an accredited online learning company that offers an array of customized professional services covering all aspects of learning and training in the 21st century. One of their most popular offerings is a series of Virtually There Workshops which include a number of complimentary, hour-long, online programs.

My webinar – Six Brain-Science Principles That Trump Traditional Training, Teaching, and Presenting – was held on March 19th 2019. During the webinar, I referred to three free items available for downloading, printing, and sharing: two free infographics and one free handout. Below are the links to these items:

6 Brain-Science Principles Infographic
Got a Minute? 60-Second Activities to Revisit Content
Six Brain-Science Principles Handout

Below are a few more free resources (blog posts) that will deepen your understanding of the webinar concepts and that will give you more ways to use the six brain-science principles:

Using Images to Boost Learning
Topic-Related Body Breaks
One-Minute Openers and Closers
Who’s Doing the Most Talking, Moving, or Writing? 
From Low Risk to High Risk
The Six Trumps Bookmark to go with the Six Trumps Guide

If you’re interested in my book that will give you the research these six brain-science principles are based on, and that will also give you more brain-based resources and dozens of specific instructional and learning strategies, please click on the Amazon link below:

Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick

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Thank you for reading!