“Follow-Ups” to the Aug. 11th Webinar (with Q&A Responses and Free Infographics)

Dear Readers: My thanks to those of you who were able to attend my free webinar yesterday, sponsored by InSyncTraining. In this blog post, you’ll find links to the Q&A document (with your questions and my responses), as well as free infographics and other free, follow-up items. Enjoy and stay safe! 🙂 Sharon

For the “Questions and Answers” document, with your questions and my responses, click on the link below:

Questions and Answers from Sharon’s August 11th 2020 Webinar

The infographic below gives you a nice “refresher” of the six brain-science principles you explored during the webinar. To download and print the infographic, click on the following link:

6 Brain-Science Principles Infographic

Below is the handout link for the webinar, if you weren’t able to download it earlier:

Six Brain-Science Principles Handout

Below is the link to the “Got a Minute?” free infographic for you to download and share with interested colleagues:

Got a Minute? 60-Second Activities to Revisit Content

For many more tips about virtual instruction and learning, do explore the most recent blog posts on Sharon’s Blog.

And for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included the Micro-Course below (be sure to explore the other Free Micro-Courses on my website, when you have a few “spare” moments!):

Preventing Death by PowerPoint! from Sharon Bowman

Finally, my thanks to the InSyncTraining producer and host, Jenna Cooper, for all her work behind-the-scenes to make the webinar such a success. And my thanks to  InSyncTraining, the sponsoring company. InSyncTraining is an accredited online learning company that offers an array of customized professional services covering all aspects of learning and training in the 21st century. The company also offers a series of Virtually There Workshops which include a number of complimentary, hour-long, online programs. These webinars are archived and free to InSyncTraining’s members (and membership is free, as well).  


The TBR-VE™ Class Is Here!


Thank you for reading!