3 Things You Must Do for Successful Virtual Training from Cindy Huggett

There has been a huge upheaval in traditional human learning globally, whether it’s about kids in classrooms or adults in corporate training rooms. Switching from mostly face-to-face instruction to almost entirely virtual (online) learning has been daunting for teachers and trainers, as well as their learners.

Useful information about how to both teach and learn virtually is “out there” now – dozens of articles, videos, books, and more, about effective virtual instruction (teaching or training – call it what you will) and about effective virtual learning.

After we have gotten over the shock of face-to-face instruction coming to a standstill, most of us have gathered our own inner strength and outer resources and found (or are in the process of discovering) the knowledge and courage to build something new that will serve us and our learners well.

Part of my job as a teacher and trainer is to scour the Internet for resources that I think might be useful to you, my readers. So, with that in mind, a friend recommended the work by virtual training consultant Cindy Huggett, author of the following excellent books:
Virtual Training Basics
Virtual Training Tools and Templates

The Virtual Training Guidebook.

In exploring Cindy’s prolific and highly-practical work, I came across her slide presentation from a conference session she facilitated awhile back. She graciously posted the presentation on SlideShare.net with the “share” link activated:

Virtual Training Implementations – 3 Things You Must Do for Success from Cindy Huggett
If you would prefer to watch the updated webinar version of the slide presentation, click HERE (Cindy is presenting the webinar). Do check out Cindy’s other excellent resources and free newsletter on her website at www.cindyhuggett.com.
On an aside, while it is my humble opinion that good teaching is good teaching (regardless of whether you’re teaching kids or adults), if you are an educator, you will find specific helpful resources in the blog post below:
A Collection of Resources for Teachers, Trainers, and Parents of Virtual Learners
And for us all, there are some excellent reminders in another blog post:
“When Everything is Suddenly Virtual” by Jean-Paul Bayley and José Casal
We can love it or hate it (and I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into it), but the virtual teaching/training/learning world is here to stay, at least for awhile. So we can accept the huge learning curve in front of us and get on with the job of creating new ways of instructing others and helping them learn. And we can support and encourage each other while doing so. 🙂

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